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Lands' End

Men's Traditional Fit Jeans

Men's Traditional Fit Jeans

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We introduced our Square Rigger denim in 1983. Our philosophy: Make it as good as you can. Improve it whenever possible. And always, always price it fairly. Our mission with today's Square Rigger hasn't changed. They're made with softer, stronger ringspun combed cotton - the kind that breaks in, but not down. They're priced to be an honest value. And they're made using less water than conventional denim wash techniques, too.


30x33.75 30x34 31x26 31x26.25 30x31.75 30x32 30x32.25 30x32.5 30x32.75 30x33 30x30.25 30x30.5 30x30.75 30x31 30x31.25 30x31.5 30x28.75 30x29 30x29.25 30x29.5 30x29.75 30x30 30x27.25 30x27.5 30x27.75 30x28 30x28.25 30x28.5 38x29.25 38x29.5 30x26.25 30x26.5 30x26.75 30x27 38x27.75 38x28 38x28.25 38x28.5 38x28.75 38x29 38x26.25 38x26.5 38x26.75 38x27 38x27.25 38x27.5 36x33 36x33.25 36x33.5 36x33.75 36x34 38x26 36x31.5 36x31.75 36x32 36x32.25 36x32.5 36x32.75 36x30 36x30.25 36x30.5 36x30.75 36x31 36x31.25 36x28.5 36x28.75 36x29 36x29.25 36x29.5 36x29.75 36x27 36x27.25 36x27.5 36x27.75 36x28 36x28.25 35x33.75 35x34 36x26 36x26.25 36x26.5 36x26.75 35x32.25 35x32.5 35x32.75 35x33 35x33.25 35x33.5 35x30.75 35x31 35x31.25 35x31.5 35x31.75 35x32 35x29.25 35x29.5 35x29.75 35x30 35x30.25 35x30.5 35x27.75 35x28 35x28.25 35x28.5 35x28.75 35x29 35x26.25 35x26.5 35x26.75 35x27 35x27.25 35x27.5 34x33 34x33.25 34x33.5 34x33.75 34x34 35x26 46x34 34x31.75 34x32 34x32.25 34x32.5 34x32.75 46x32.5 46x32.75 46x33 46x33.25

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