How to Wash Designer Denim

Trying to decide how to best care for your expensive jeans?  You shelled out a lot to buy them, and now you wonder if you need to baby them at the dry cleaner so they last as long as possible, or if you can just throw them in the washing machine and save yourself time and money. 

Washing your designer denim in the washing machine is totally fine if you follow a few important steps:

  1. Turn the pants inside out to protect the pocket details and the color of the denim.
  2. Set the washer to fill with cold water and wash on the delicate cycle with gentle detergent. 
  3. After the wash cycle is complete, gently remove the jeans from the washing machine, and turn them right side out.
  4. Fold them once so that the legs are facing each other, and the pockets are on the outside.
  5. Hang them upside down on a pants hanger – the hanger clasped around the bottom leg openings.
  6. Dry the pants in indirect sunlight, and use the lowest heat setting possible if you need to iron them afterward.

This method has saved me a bundle in dry cleaning bills (enabling me to spend more on purchasing new jeans from Search By Inseam!) and my designer denim is still well cared for.   

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