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I stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago. I not only bookmarked it, but I saved it in my cell phone, laptop, desktop, and in my desk at work. I give it to every tall young woman I meet who asks me where I get my jeans from. (I'm 6'1.) I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job with the site and I'll let more people know about it.
- Candice
Oh my Goodness!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... I am a size 4 or 6 with a 36" - 38" Inseam (for heels).......You don't know how happy you have made me!! This web-site is a GOD SEND!! Years and years of not being able to find pants that fit correctly (I am 40yrs. old)...this has been a problem for about 28 years! I can't thank you enough....BLESSINGS to you for putting this together...I could cry.

I have signed up for the product notification system...very cool. You have hit on a fantastic idea. I wish you "BIG" success with this endeavor. I know that you and your web-site made my day too (maybe my year)! From time to time I sit down at the computer and do random searches for tall clothing. My problem for years was that the clothing industry thought that if you needed an extra long inseam you also needed an extra long rise and the sizing started at a size 8 or 10 (nothing smaller). Slowly, through the years the clothing industry has caught up to the fact that we can have really long legs, yet be normal (or even small) in all the other areas!! Now, the problem is just finding the limited manufacturers! I usually search for a few hours using different key words, just to see what brands or stores I can find. I have never heard of "Alloy" before.... I have you to thank for this wonderful new store. I will be ordering through your web-site from now that you can get credit for the purchase. You deserve that and more for the service you are bringing to women! You have my THANKS and my loyalty. I can't wait to see your site take off and GO CRAZY...I have already passed along the web address to my cousin, sister and niece! They all have LONG legs too. I will be shopping through your site forever.

God Bless You,
I completely love your site and the service you provide. It is a wonderful site and I have referred you to several of my tall girl friends. I recently used your site to purchase 35 inch inseam jeans through and I am sure the sites let you know that your portal is how the purchase transpired, but I just want to reiterate again how useful and informative it is. I counted and I think I now have 20 pairs of jeans—shhh, don’t tell my fiancée! I will keep shopping your site, though, as a city girl can never have too much denim.
Thanks again,
Your website is awesome. For the last several years I've been searching for which designers jeans run long enough for me to wear! As you know they all seem to stop at 34" unless you buy the few brands that are on All my shorter friends were always telling me about jeans that were so incredibly long on them so they must fit me, and of course they never did. Thanks for all that your website has done for us long legged individuals. I'm only in my early twenties but really worried that once I'm married and having kids that I'd have to be pregnant only during the summer so I wouldn't have to worry about my wardrobe as much. However thanks to your website I know I won't have to worry about that when the time comes, haha. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much for your very useful website! I am a petite female who has slightly longer legs than most petites and therefore requires an unusual inseam length (30-31 inches). I ordered 2 pair of jeans from your website links and I am very pleased because they fit in all areas and will not require any alteration. This has saved me all kinds of time and effort and I am very appreciative.

Thank you again,