Search By Inseam


The Press has been saying some great things about Search By Inseam. Here are some of our favorite quotes!

" Great for short and tall shoppers. This site has you covered."
Consumer Reports' ShopSmart Magazine, July 2014
"One-click wonder! Nail your pants length."
InStyle Magazine, February 2014
"Find pants that fit you perfectly."
Woman's World Magazine, April 2013
"One of the best shopping websites - especially helpful.", December 2012
"A top online boutique for women 5'10" and taller."
O Magazine, January 2009
"It's easier than ever to find a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. The site ensures fewer returns - and costly trips to the tailor."
SHAPE Magazine, October 2008
" makes it easy to land the perfect pair of pants."
InStyle Magazine, March 2008