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Where to Buy Tall Jeans – Top 11 Websites

Have you googled words like tall jeans, long jeans, and extra-long jeans trying to find the best place to buy jeans that fit a tall woman? I've done it, and know it's a frustrating experience. Here ...
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Where to Buy Plus-Size Jeans

It can be hard to find plus-size jeans, and even harder to find cute plus-size jeans that actually fit right! Here are few sites we recommend for buying women's denim in plus sizes: &nb...
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What to Wear Under Tight or White Jeans

Yes, we all saw the picture of Briteny going commando, and thought that no one would risk similar embarrassment; however, we are still getting questions like...
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How to Wash Designer Denim

Trying to decide how to best care for your expensive jeans? You shelled out a lot to buy them, and now you wonder if you need to baby them at the dry cleaner so they last as long as possible,...
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How to Find a Good & Inexpensive Tailor

When I find a pair of pants that fits in the hip, inseam, and thigh, they're often too big in the waist. For years, I dealt with this by just cinching my belt and hoping the bunched fabric...
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Finding Jeans with Short Inseams – A Petite Buying Guide

While most of us at Search By Inseam have the opposite problem, we all have petite friends who’ve resorted to buying capris and wearing them as full-length pants at one time or another. Some petit...
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